Health disparities are preventable issues

At Hermpowered, our goal is to bridge the gap that exists between health and legal issues in our community.  Just by a surveillance of the community, it is apparent that health disparities exist and are prevalent. Health disparities are preventable issues that are present because of institutionalized racism, socioeconomic class, lack of opportunities, education, and more.

Our mission, at Hermpowered, is to educate women and girls on the existence of these health disparities, give them the necessary tools to advocate for themselves when faced in challenges related to their and their family’s health, the importance of caring for the whole health.


We will aim to  provide women and girls with tools and resources that will give them knowledge on how to tackle these health challenges, where to go for assistance, and provide a platform where they can discuss- together we will come with solutions that will serve as empowerment and lead to action planning.   

  • Strive to alleviate barriers to care by providing informational resources to outpatient care options and health insurance; 
  • Provide education on issues that plague the community; 
    • Disparities in maternal health care 
    • Cardiovascular health 
    • Cancer 
    • Sexual Transmitted Infections 
    • Mental Health 
    • Domestic Violence  and more 
  • Provide resource for shelters, food banks/pantry, and etc…; 
  • Educate our community on the impact of poverty on the community; and  
  • Educate our community on trauma and the importance on healing. 

It is common in our community to see health and legal issues occurring simultaneously.  As a result, it is important that we work with our women and girls to bridge this gap. Our goal is to provide a platform where our community will become informed of: options they have, their rights, and tools necessary to advocate for the self.  

  • Continuing the Know Your Rights conversation. 
  • Provide education and helping the community understand existing/new policies and regulations and ensuring they understand how these will affect them. 
  • Provide information regarding health care and health insurance, relating to policy and regulation changes. 
  • Providing workshops and panel discussions around
    • Access to health care 
    • Immigration 
    • Education 
    • Estate planning and more 
  • Provide education that will serve as a  tool to encourage action planning to eliminate issues women and girls face in tandem.  

Hermpowered is not a medical facility nor is it a health care provider. For any emergency, concerns, and questions about your health or your family’s health, please go to the nearest Emergency department or contact your primary care physician.  At Hermpowered we do not have access to a list of primary care physician nor are we partnered with any health facility. We are strictly here to provide education and access to resources that may aid in creating a healthier community.  


Are you interested in partnering with our organization to help reduce the health and legal disparities women are facing in our country?