Hermpowered is not a medical facility nor is it a health care provider. For any emergency, concerns, and questions about your health or your families’ health, please call 911, go to the nearest Emergency department, or contact your primary care physician.  At Hermpowered we do not have access to a list of primary care physician nor are we partnered with any health care facility. We are strictly here to provide education and access to resources that may aid in creating a healthier community. 

Hermpowered is not a Law Firm and is not acting as an attorney. Visiting the website, participating in any event, speaking with anyone affiliated with, joining the list, and receiving any information, does not create a client/attorney relationship.  Hermpowered does not provide any legal advice, consultation, and representation to anyone. Hermpowered is strictly educational and provides a platform for resources that are available to the community, in order to aid in creating a community that does not have barriers to legal aid. For any legal questions or representation, please contact a legal aid organization or attorney.  At Hermpowered, attorneys are participants on panels and workshops, however, Hermpowered does not endorse or refer them to our community, for purposes of liability.